Guitar Stories: Restoring a 1974 Martin D-28 with Lars Dalin

Guitar Stories: Restoring a 1974 Martin D-28 with Lars Dalin

Guitar Stories: Restoring a 1974 Martin D-28 with Lars DalinGuitar Stories: Restoring a 1974 Martin D-28 with Lars Dalin

Guitar stories are always interesting for listening and watching, especially if you are a guitarist and musician. Today, we have an interesting video about restoring a 1974 Martin D-28 acoustic guitar, together with Lars Dalin from Oslo, Norway.

Lars Dalin is a luthier from Oslo, Norway who found his interest in this interesting craft when he was a teenager in 2011. He went and enrolled at the Summit School of Guitar Building and repair on Vancouver Island in Canada.

As we found in his biography until now he has built several acoustic and electric guitars, especially focusing on the French tradition of guitar building. After he completely finished his studies Lars was accepted as an apprentice to Nicole Alosinac – a renowned Canadian master luthier.

After he completed his training, he returned to Norway and was hired to repair guitars in Oslo. “Through years of work here, I gained a comprehensive experience repairing all kinds of fretted instruments,” he wrote.

“All through my career, I’ve done major and minor repair work on several thousand guitars. In the process, I’ve learned a lot, but I keep developing my craft, and will always strive to be the best possible luthier,” – Lars Dalin.

His video on YouTube uploaded on May 31st, 2019, went viral on the internet and until now has over 1 million views and two thousand comments. But, before watching you need to know that this is not a “how-to” instruction or guide. Many elements and steps of the restoration have been left out and this video does not give a complete representation of what goes into this kind of work.

Lars Dalin is located in Oslo in Norway so you can reach him out through his website – click here or via email.

Read the most common questions about this video to know more!

What is “Luthier”?
– A luthier is a craftsperson who builds and repairs string instruments that have a neck and a soundbox. The word “luthier” is originally French and comes from the French word for lute.

What happened to the hole you drilled?
– It was plugged during the refer with a piece of similar looking-ebony.

Why do you add solder to the frets?
– It transfers heat faster.

Why is the drill going backward?
– I start drilling the wrong way around to stop chipping the brittle ebony.

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