Exclusive Q&A: Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson on Sam Fender

Exclusive Q&A: Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson on Sam Fender

Sam Fender, Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson (Rolling Stone UK)Sam Fender, Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson (Rolling Stone UK)

Welcome back to our exclusive Q&A interview with music icons Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson, brought to you by Rolling Stone UK and conducted by Nick Reilly. As we continue our journey into the minds of these legendary musicians, get ready to uncover their thoughts on the rising star, Sam Fender.

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7. Sam Fender is one of your guests and, like yourselves, something of a true Geordie hero. What first drew you to him?

Mark: We both like everything about him and the fact he’s a youngster. You feel everything more keenly because he’s still he’s got it all in front of him. I mean, Brian got up and played with him at St James Park last summer and when Sam plays there – believe me – it’s some event!

Brian: Yeah, it was a special night. When I got on that stage, the roar was spine-tingling! St James’ Park is just the center of the universe. It sits on a hill and you can see it from everywhere. The noise and the passion of the people there are extraordinary – it really is.

8. Did Sam ask you for any advice?

Brian: He’d been working at Mark’s British Grove studio and he’s done some of the tracks on his new album there. He was obviously learning a lot and trying to emulate some of Mark. But in conversation, he was very nice to us about what we’d done and he’s a smart kid.

Mark: He’s got it all to go all the way.

9. He feels like a generational voice in many ways for a lot of people too…

Mark: Absolutely, he’s like another young Springsteen, which is why he identifies so strongly with him and that’s why he’s recording in the States and going through that phase himself.

But he’s gonna keep taking creative steps and I wish him all the very best. He does great with his band around him, but he’s gonna need a lot of support with good management. But even if it was to crash here and there, I still think Sam is going to go all the way.

10. And finally, Brian, you’re back on the road with AC/DC this summer. How much of a joy and relief is it to get back on the road after all the trouble you endured with your hearing?

Brian: Well, I just don’t know what to think! We tested it last October at Power Trip Festival in the Vegas desert and it seemed to work pretty well out there.

I’m just gonna give it a shot and I’m lucky that modern technology has allowed me to be here and have that shot. You know, I’m just gonna be here singing until I fall down.

Johnson and Knopfler’s ‘Music Legends’ will air on Sky Arts from April 25.

Source: www.rollingstone.co.uk

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