A Vintage Interview: Exploring the Musical Mind of Jimi Hendrix

A Vintage Interview: Exploring the Musical Mind of Jimi Hendrix

Exploring the Musical Mind of Jimi HendrixExploring the Musical Mind of Jimi Hendrix

In a rare glimpse into the genius of Jimi Hendrix, a 1970 interview with Guitar Player magazine offers insights into his songwriting process, live performances, and musical inspirations.

Hendrix reveals that his musical inspiration often strikes during idle moments, transcending the confines of his guitar-playing abilities. The music manifests as elusive daydreams, defying immediate translation onto the fretboard.

For Hendrix, the allure lies in intimate, after-hour jam sessions at small clubs, where he taps into a different energy. Surrounded by the audience, he immerses himself in a dreamlike state, transcending the typical stage anxieties.

Hendrix shares his admiration for musicians like Nina Simone and Mountain, showcasing a diverse palette of inspirations. He reminisces about encounters with fellow guitarists like Duane Eddy and Roland Kirk, cherishing the collaborative spirit of jamming.

Jimi Hendrix was interviewed in England just seven days before his death. (September 11th, 1970)

Through this historic interview, Jimi Hendrix emerges not just as a guitar icon but as a visionary artist, driven by creative impulses beyond the confines of conventional music. His legacy continues to inspire generations of musicians, resonating across genres and eras.

The timeless wisdom of Jimi Hendrix reminds us that true artistry transcends technical prowess, rooted instead in imagination, spontaneity, and a deep connection with the audience.

Below are some of the questions and answers from the interview

When you put together a song, does it just come to you, or is it a process where you sit down with your guitar?

“The music I might hear, I can’t get on the guitar. It’s a thing of just laying around daydreaming or something. You’re hearing all this music, and you just can’t get it on the guitar. As a matter of fact, if you pick up your guitar and just try to play, it spoils the whole thing. I can’t play the guitar that well to get all this music together, so I just lay around.”

For your own musical kicks, where’s the best place to play?

“I like after-hour jams at a small club. Then you get another feeling. You get off in another way with all those people there. You get another feeling, and you mix it in with something else that you get. It’s not the spotlights – it’s just the people.”

Which musicians do you go out of your way to hear?

“Nina Simone and Mountain. I dig them.”

Source: www.guitarplayer.com

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