Pre-Orders for Mark Knopfler’s One Deep River Album Are Available Now!

Pre-Orders for Mark Knopfler’s One Deep River Album Are Available Now!

pre-orders-mark-knopfler-one-deep-river-albumPre-Orders for Mark Knopfler’s One Deep River Album Are Available Now!

Mark Knopfler, the legendary guitarist and songwriter known for his distinctive style and evocative storytelling, is gearing up to release his tenth solo studio album, “One Deep River,” on April 12, 2024.

With the first track, “Ahead Of The Game,” already streaming, fans are eagerly anticipating this newest musical journey from the maestro himself.

For those who have followed Knopfler’s illustrious career, each album release is akin to embarking on a new adventure, filled with rich narratives and exquisite melodies. The new album promises to be no different, offering listeners a chance to immerse themselves in Knopfler’s signature blend of folk-rock-blues.

The opportunity to pre-order “One Deep River” is a momentous occasion for fans worldwide. Whether opting for the tangible experience of a physical album or the convenience of a digital download. Enthusiasts can secure their copy and be among the first to revel in Knopfler’s latest musical opus.

Ahead Of The Game,” the first tantalizing track from this album, serves as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come. On this album, fans can expect some soulful vocals, masterful guitar work, and poetic lyricism. Songs will definitely transport listeners to a realm where time stands still and emotions run deep.

As we eagerly await “One Deep River,” it’s worth reflecting on Knopfler’s enduring influence on the world of music. From his work with Dire Straits to his acclaimed solo ventures, Knopfler has continually pushed the boundaries of sonic exploration. At the same time, he left an indelible mark on generations of listeners.

With Mark’s upcoming album, he invites us to journey once more into the heart of his musical universe. It’s a testament to his unwavering dedication to the craft and his boundless creativity. Whether you’re a longtime devotee or a newcomer to Knopfler’s artistry, don’t miss your chance to pre-order “One Deep River”. Let’s be a part of this extraordinary musical experience.

*The pre-order includes a deluxe 2CD including 5 bonus tracks and a 20-page booklet with photos and lyrics.

Click here to pre-order the album now:

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