A Taste of Gibson TV

A Taste of Gibson TV

A Taste of Gibson TVA Taste of Gibson TV

Gibson TV is all about guitars, music, and culture. And Gibson TV offers some of the most interesting music-related original content that you’ll find anywhere. In this short trailer, you’ll get a taste of the various Gibson TV programs.

With exclusive interviews with some of the world’s most influential musicians, close-up looks at famous music venues, and awe-inspiring guitar collections.

Instrument setup and maintenance tips, factory tours, and in-depth views of the guitar-making process. Discussions about the craft of songwriting with the songwriters themselves, behind the scenes look at the recording process. Even and guitar lessons from some of the world’s most beloved players.

Gibson TV will appeal not only to guitarists and other musicians, but music lovers of all types.

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Source: https://www.gibson.com/GibsonTV

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