Nick Reilly from Rolling Stone UK Talks with Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson About Their New Show

Nick Reilly from Rolling Stone UK Talks with Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson About Their New Show

Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson (Picture: Sky)Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson

Join music legends Mark Knopfler and Brian Johnson on a global journey in “Music Legends.” Geordies at heart, they meet icons like Tom Jones, Nile Rodgers, Cyndi Lauper, and Sam Fender. In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone UK, written by Nick Reilly, they share behind-the-scenes magic. Prepare to read the full Q&A interview with the pair below.

Imagine Tom Jones belting ‘Black, Brown and White’ with Knopfler on guitar and Brian Johnson on vocals. It sets the tone for an intimate exploration of musical greatness. With warmth and rapport, they delve into untold stories of their guests’ journeys.

From Fender’s gritty upbringing to Jones’ early encounters with the New York Mob. Whether a casual fan or music aficionado, “Music Legends” captivates with heartfelt discussions. “Maybe it’s the way the guests felt so comfortable with us and I’m proud that me and Mark can, you know, spread that feeling,” explains Johnson.

1. Two Geordie icons unite is a large part of this show’s premise. But were you mates before?

Mark: We were both playing in Dusseldorf and a pal of mine from Northumberland happened to be in the hotel with us and he said, “Brian Johnson’s in the bar!” I went straight through and said hello. That was about eight years ago, but it just seems like we’ve been friends for 20 or 30 years, I mean, it was an immediate connection.

Brian: It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about either, whether it’s the beat groups or Aretha Franklin or Otis Redding or whatever it is. We’re both music fans so we were just away and we’re both old motorheads as well. We’ve both done a bit of racing here and there, although not anymore. We’d just frighten ourselves! I can’t see that far.

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