How to play “Walk of Life” – Guitar Acoustic Lesson

How to play “Walk of Life” – Guitar Acoustic Lesson


Another interesting guitar lesson from Pavel Fomenkov, this time he will presents you how to play “Walk of Life” on acoustic guitar. If you have an acoustic guitar, look on this video which is helpful for all fans, where Pavel explained everything about “Walk of Life” song just in 13 minutes. Plus he show his right hand technique.

In the beginning of this video is his performance from 2008, where he played on electric guitar “Walk of Life”. Now Pavel made new 2017 cover for all fans but this time on acoustic guitar. For his project called “The Mark Knopfler Songbook”, Pavel told us that he has more of 200 songs which are on list to do.

Pavel played on acoustic 1997 Gibson Advanced Jumbo guitar and it sounds really good. Enjoy in this lesson, and there will be more lessons from Pavel on our blog.

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