David Claux: The journey with Dire Straits + 3 cover songs

David Claux: The journey with Dire Straits + 3 cover songs

Mark Knopfler - Picutre by David Claux.

David Claux is a musician from France, he loves music, guitars and has an amazing musical talent. DSB was in touch with him. Today, all our fans will have chance to listen for the first time his songs which are very good.

David told us that he is from Paris but for the last 12 years he lived in United States near Seattle. He is a computer science engineer and he design and implement software used by many people around the world, and he really enjoy in that.

About Dire Straits…

“I discovered Dire Straits in 1985 when my friend told me “You have to listen to this!”, gave me his Walkman and played “Money for Nothing”. From then on I have been an absolute fan of Mark Knopfler’s”, tell David.

“My first live concert was Dire Straits “On Every Street” tour, in Paris on April 26th, 1992 – I have kept the ticket. Since then, I have attended every single Mark Knopfler concert. The last time around, on September 12th 2015, I was close enough to the man to be able to snap a few pictures, including this one:

As a kid, I learned piano, because my parents wanted me to, but I never really enjoyed it. But when I discovered Dire Straits, I immediately wanted to play the guitar. My dad bought me a cheap classic, nylon string guitar, and I started learning on that. I am completely self taught – I never took a single lesson, although I really should! Over the years I built a small guitar collection, including the ones I like best, namely my Mexican Candy Apple Red Stratocaster and my Taylor 114e, featured in my cover videos”, added David.

“I have always considered “Telegraph Road” to be the best song ever written, so about a year ago I experimented with recording the end solo, that was my first video cover. I used my Strat plugged into a Line 6 AMPLIFi TT”.

“For “The Man’s Too Strong”, I recorded my Taylor both through an Audi-Technica AT2020 microphone and through the AMPLIFi TT, and mixed the two together. As a fun fact, I recorded this one in one take”.

“For “Postcards From Paraguay”, I played both my Strat and my Taylor through the AMPLIFi TT. With the little experience I had in recording music, I discovered that a pop filter was a must have when I listened to my first shot at singing the song and all those “p”’s sounded absolutely horrible”, finished David.

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