Learn how to play “Get Lucky” in 8 minutes video lesson

Learn how to play “Get Lucky” in 8 minutes video lesson


Another eight-minutes video lesson from Pavel Fomenkov, guy from Russia who is in progress-create Mark Knopfler Songbook with all his songs. Today we have new video lesson for all our fans who wants to learn how to play some of Knopfler’s songs.

In just eight-minutes you will know how to play “Get Lucky” song from Mark Knopfler. This time is more easy to learn fast this lesson. Remember to use yours ears and eyes and do not throw your guitar never! This are words from Pavel.

Now, grab your guitar…watch this video and send us message if this was helpful for you to know how to play this song. Also if you have an Instagram profile use –> #DireSoldiers hashtag and we will share the best videos or pictures. If you miss the first lesson from Pavel click here to watch the video. Enjoy1


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