Giulio Cattarini with new cover song “So Far Away”

Giulio Cattarini with new cover song “So Far Away”

Giulio Cattarini

Before 3 months we communicated with Giulio Cattarini, guy from Italy which is musician and create cover songs from Dire Straits. The last cover song from Giulio is “So Far Away”. This cover is made in April 2017, but these days he sent us the video.

All what Giulio told us is that the video is edited with Sony Vegas, filmed with his Sony NEX-3 camera with a Canon lens FD 50mm. This are information that maybe will be interesting for fans.

All cover videos are created by Giulio and during the nights he worked on editing and updating on YouTube. This time is his first experiment with “Chroma key” technique which remove the real background and replace it with other abstract background.

If this was interesting for you check out older posts that we made for Giulio Cattarini and his cover songs.

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