When “Brothers In Arms” album became Global No.1

When “Brothers In Arms” album became Global No.1


No one, not even the members of Dire Straits themselves, did not know what they did when they released their new album “Brothers In Arms” in 1985. That “bomb of album” was nine weeks on US charts and became a global No. 1, a double Grammy winner and has sold in more than 30 million copies worldwide.

8 June was the date that year that “Brothers In Arms” made its debut on the Billboard album chart. “Money For Nothing” became hit No.1 on the Hot 100, and “Brothers In Arms” also became the first million-selling compact disc, and tour with total 248 gigs in 117 cities.

The album was extremely everywhere. In the houses, on the radios, on TVs, that year world listened just songs from “Brothers In Arms” album. In 54th week of US chart the album fell to No.3 after its first two weeks at No.1 in the UK, and there would be 12 more later but continued at the summit in Australia.

With all that hits which “Brothers In Arms” album had, Mark Knopfler in one interview said that he must to stay in good form and to give people what they needed.

“Now I don’t want to run away, Dire Straits now on all tours must give the best because these songs are part of people’s hearts, some of them are milestones in people’s lives, they’re really important to them. I just want to make what I need to for people’s and all fans, then I’ll go home”, (Mark Knopfler – 1985).

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