Drew Dunbar – Street musician with incredible talent!

Drew Dunbar – Street musician with incredible talent!

Drew Dunbar - 'Hey Joe' by Jimi Hendrix.

Trying to find some interesting videos on YouTube for our category Guitar Stories, we somehow found the Raul Diego’s channel.

Raul is editor, writer and photojournalist, on his YouTube channel, he shared video from the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada, where one street musician has played the classic ‘Hey Joe’ song by Jimi Hendrix.

The video is from 11 September, 2014 and the guitar player is street musician Drew Dunbar. Below the video Raul wrote:

“Direct from Las Vegas, Drew Dunbar is an exceptionally talented street musician who was gracious enough to let me film him on the strip doing this great acoustic cover of Hendrix’s classic tune. I have an original track by this man, which I want to release on YouTube, but would like to locate him first so he can make some money with it. If you happen to be in Las Vegas area and you run into him on one of the walkways, let him know about this channel and write me at (odelgauri@gmail.com).”

This video till now have 1,200,000 views plus 725 comments. Some of the people who commented wrote:

“Incredibly talented, great song and good performance.”

“True talent like this man, deserves recognition. Shame that every snob that walked by indifferently could only dream of having talent like this man.”

“Sad that our society has seemingly lost an appreciation for the arts. I think there was a time when a man could’ve made a decent living bringing such a gratifying sound to an otherwise unpleasantly noisy and stale crosswalk.”

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