Mark Knopfler and his performance for The Last Post – a project of Superact

Mark Knopfler and his performance for The Last Post – a project of Superact

Mark Knopfler and his performance for Superact project.

This year we will celebrate 100-years anniversary from World War One. But, before 4 years in 2014, Mark Knopfler has made one short video performance for the Last Post – Superact project for World War One.

Namely, Superact is a not-profit Community Interest Company that uses music and the arts to develop and deliver a wide range of social impact projects. Based in the UK but with an international reach, Superact delivers creative interventions that make a positive difference in key areas of community development, skills development, employability and health and wellbeing.

The Last Post was project of Superact which they have bring communities across the UK together to play on a variety of different instruments at commemorative musical events. At every event, they played to remember a group of individual connected to the area on any instrument from pianos to bagpipes, guitars to drums.

Also, Superact has produced a Last Post songbook with WW1 songs from the era and music tabs to play the Last Post on a range of instruments. The project was run from 4th to 18th November in 2014 and from 20th to 26th April 2015 across the UK.

Mark Knopfler has played a guitar version of the Last Post on his guitar for the project in tribute to the 17,000 Northumberland Fusiliers who lost their lives in the First World War and The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain played the Last Post to help launch the project in 2014.

Mark said: “The First World War left its mark on families throughout the UK, and throughout the world. It is important to remember the sacrifices made, and to think about why wars happen.”

You can watch the performance below. As we wrote at the beginning, this year is 100-years anniversary of WW1, and we can hope that Mark would played something new for that event later this year.

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