‘Your Latest Trick’ & ‘Why Worry’ – Two New Acoustic Covers by Joseph Stevani

‘Your Latest Trick’ & ‘Why Worry’ – Two New Acoustic Covers by Joseph Stevani

joseph-stevani-acoustic-covers-news-fan-club-fans-dire-straits-blog‘Your Latest Trick’ & ‘Why Worry’ – Two New Acoustic Covers by Joseph Stevani

The last time when we did an interview with Joseph Stevani was 3 years ago. In April 2018, we shared with our followers and readers an amazing video cover of the song ‘Going Home – Local Hero’ theme, performed by Joseph.

Back then, Joseph has played an amazing fingerstyle on a very rare guitar, a 1989 Fender Squier Stratocaster made in the USA.

Today, we present you two completely new acoustic video covers versions performed by Stevani. He performed songs from Dire Straits on acoustic guitar. The songs are ‘Your Latest Trick’ and the beautiful ‘Why Worry’. In addition to his new covers, he shared with us how his life and music career is going.

Down below you will have the opportunity to read everything and listen to its versions. We hope that you will enjoy it. Also, if you’re interested – click here to listen to his version of ‘Going Home’.

“There is not much about my simple life. My family is my center. I’m doing a daily job after stopping performing live in five-star hotels in Algarve, Portugal – because of Covid since March 2020.”

“I did two new video covers from Dire Straits songs. So, I decided to share with all your followers.”

“Now, I’m just another virtual musician who likes music and sharing as a hobby. Sharing with the people that enjoy his sound. I did some instrumental originals too, because my voice is still not 100%, and that’s what I’m still working on. Also, keep making some video covers of what I already used to play.”

“I decided to refresh a little my YouTube Channel, but without any kind of expectations. That it’s all about sharing, oh yeah, and I’m older too,” Joseph has finished with a smile.

Click Here: Remastered Video from Knopfler’s – ‘Going Home – Local Hero’ Theme Song

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