New remastered video from Knopfler’s – ‘Going Home – Local Hero’ theme song

New remastered video from Knopfler’s – ‘Going Home – Local Hero’ theme song


One of the most beautiful songs produced by Mark Knopfler is the theme song from Local Hero movie. This song is released in 1983 and it has a special place in fans hearts.

Jose Esteves also known as Joe Stevani in Portugal, is 36-years-old amateur guitarist. He has made a video cover of the song ‘Going Home’ by Mark Knopfler.

When he was 7 years old, he started playing on keyboard and piano and also on a classical guitar when he was 10 years old. In 1991 he bought his Fender Guitar but then as he said – he didn’t know how to play on that electric guitar.

Jose graduated in architecture and during the financial crisis in Portugal, he stops having projects and in that time (2010) he assumed that he wanted to be a professional musician. At the time, he had some Jazz and Brazilian harmony lessons and gigs with his friend from Brazil.

“In 2012 I decided to improve my skills in acoustic guitar. I’m also a singer too, and last year I sang at 240 nights and some of the gigs were in hotels with five stars and private parties mostly to British residents in Quinta do Lago Algarve,” said Jose.

“There were also nights when I lost my voice, so I had to get better in finger style acoustic guitar in order not to lose the gigs. Finally, 6 months ago I built my home studio and now I’m starting to make my own music,” he added.

Jose Esteves

“Meanwhile, I always loved the music of Dire Straits. Because of that, in this moment I want to share my new remastered video with all Dire Straits Blog fans. I hope that you would enjoy,” finished Jose.

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