For The Record: Mark Knopfler Spoke with Anthony Mason (Video)

For The Record: Mark Knopfler Spoke with Anthony Mason (Video)

For The Record: Mark Knopfler Interview

“Walk of Life” was a 1985 hit song from Mark Knopfler and his band Dire Straits. In the video below, you will have a chance to watch how Mark Knopfler after the winding days from his American Tour speak with Anthony Mason about the music that he has written, for himself and others, and why he calls it an obsession.

He continues to make music, most recently with the album “Down the Road Wherever.” In this interview, Mark arrived with his motor in the studio where he makes his music, built by himself a decade ago. The motor has a unique gas cap with Mark’s National-O guitar, the same as the one on the cover album of “Brothers in Arms”.

During the talking, Anthony Mason said to Mark: “You don’t really have to make music anymore.” On that Knopfler said: “I do, is a referring a live long obsession.”

A live long obsession which Mark had it since the days when he lived in Glasgow and then Newcastle in England, as well as London where he formed the band called Dire Straits. In the video, they talked about Mark’s journalism days, as well as the moment when Mark Knopfler gave to Tina Turner song called “Private Dancer.”

For more information, watch the video and find out how Mark described his guitar style and why he is still the best, as well as his brief career since the days when he was a journalist.

Many of the comments on the YouTube below this video are like: “This man is not only a legend; he’s produced some of the most elegant playings I’ve ever heard. Huge respect for him.”

“Mark Knopfler is unique in every way, I can listen to his music for hours and hours. I never get tired of hearing him play his guitar. I love his guitar style.” Anyway, enjoy the video below and give us a comment about what did you think.

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