Few New Electric & Acoustic Guitars for February 2020

Few New Electric & Acoustic Guitars for February 2020

Takamine LTD-2020 ‘Peace’

Here you can find some of the newest guitars for February 2020. We decided to choose some of them. Enjoy.

1. PRS S2 McCarty 594

PRS’ affordable S2 series gets a new member in the form of the McCarty 594. Announced as part of the brand’s 2020 lineup, the S2 McCarty 594 (along with its Singlecut and Thinline siblings) feature vintage appointments, as well as the typical level of quality and attention to detail PRS, is known for. The guitar comes loaded with 58/15 ‘S’ pickups which can be split for additional tonal options.

2. Macmull Guitars Hearbreaker Neo

This is a boutique T-style guitar that is available in three different pickup configurations: single-coils, P-90s, and humbuckers. It features some upgrades over its predecessor, such as a new body route for clearer electronics response and improved wood vibration, a new filtering metal board for greater clarity and attack, and pickups that are directly mounted to the body.

Macmull Guitars Hearbreaker Neo

3. Duesenberg 25th Anniversary Starplayer TV

Duesenberg is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a special edition of its iconic Starplayer TV semi-hollow guitar. The 25th anniversary Starplayer TV comes in two finishes: a gold-leaf finish and Metallic Silver. The former features a Duesenberg Domino P-90 in the neck and a GrandVintage humbucker in the ridge, while the latter comes loaded with a pair of the newly released Split-King Duo-Coil pickups.

Duesenberg 25th Anniversary Starplayer TV

4. Takamine LTD-2020 ‘Peace’

One of the standout features of the Takamine LTD-2020 ‘Peace’ guitar is its fingerboard inlays, which take the form of various doves and olive branches. The solid Sitka spruce top comes in a semi-translucent Green Tea finish that highlights the grain of the spruce top. It also features Takamine’s Palathetic pickup coupled with their CT4-DX preamp which comes with integrated tone-shaping and tuning controls.

Source: https://guitar.com/guides/buyers-guide/new-electric-acoustic-guitars/

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