Secret of Fender 2014 NAMM Prestige Hermitage Stratocaster

Secret of Fender 2014 NAMM Prestige Hermitage Stratocaster


This year Fender Custom Guitars celebrates its 30th anniversary. The flagship workshop of the Fender family came to life in 1987 as part of a major effort to return to the legacy of craft and quality set forth by Leo Fender.

Today, this brand includes a stable of “master builders” like Todd Krause and John Cruz who are sort of like The Avengers of American electric guitar craft.

The original mission for building guitars has remained absolutely core to Fender team since its founding. Over the decades, Fender expanded beyond the standard and today, the brand have guitars that are more artwork than instrument.

Oftentimes, these guitars are built specially for some events or commissioned to commemorate some other anniversary or occasion. Otherwise the team of Fender Custom also have built guitars for extremely limited runs.

Fender is a brand that has great reputation among guitarists and musicians. During the years, there are many guitars, that were strange and interesting at the same time, precioused and attractive for collectors and guitarists.

Can you believe it, if someone say to you that there is a guitar which is valuable $850,000? Can you just imagine how looks that guitar?

Fender 2014 NAMM Prestige Hermitage Stratocaster

Is guitar built by master Yuriy Shishkov. This guitar is one of the most expensive guitars that he ever built. The guitar is magic dust! Fender Custom Hermitage is jeweled guitar in her own stratosphere with 556 diamonds plus 281 emeralds, 100 rubies, 70 sapphires and 75 feet of 18-karat gold set by hand.

This is one mind blowing master built guitar, with over 1000 natural gems strong, done in an Old World European finish that creates a fairy-dust glow and fortifies the beast to withstand drastic climate changes.

All stones are natural and highest grade. Otherwise, works by Shishkov are supernatural and untamed. Hermitage Stratocaster NAMM 2014 is built to honor two anniversaries of 2014, the 60’s anniversary of Stratocaster and 250 years of the State Hermitage Museum Palace.

In 2014 this guitar received an offer of $1M dollars. It was “Not for sale” and currently displayed at the Fender Visitor Center.

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