Riffs from the secret of Mark Knopfler: 3 Guitar Lessons

Riffs from the secret of Mark Knopfler: 3 Guitar Lessons

Riffs from the secret of Mark Knopfler 3 Guitar Lessons

On occasion for Mark Knopfler birthday one website about musicians, published one post with a couple lessons of songs by Mark Knopfler, including his most influential riffs from “Southbound Again”, “Down to the Waterline” and “Once Upon a Time in the West.”

The videos are below and you can check Joe’s explanation to learn how you can play like one of the greats.

Let’s start with “Southbound Again” – Mark has very interesting style of playing, he uses his thumb and first two fingers. Sometimes you sit down to learn a riff and you are realized that you are doing something wrong, you can hear the rhythm but something just is not that good into place.

The secret of Mark Knopfler’s playing on guitar can’t not be learned. His style of playing guitar comes from within from him. You can try to imitated him, but even that it will not enough to sound like some of his original songs. That is reason why Mark Knopfler is so different from other musicians.

Trick parts for this song – ‘Southbound Again’ Joe will show you in the video below. The process of learning how to play songs like Mark Knopfler is not easy process. You must have patience and adjusting.

The intricacies of Mark Knopfler’s technique are subtle — maybe even hidden — making this process exciting and frustrating. At one certain moment of your learning process you will have a think that only Knopfler can do it!

The other two riffs from this lesson “Down to the Waterline” and “Once Upon a Time in the West” offer a different narrative. But, anyway, this is so helpful for you and your guitar talent. If you are guitarist you must have a desire to learn Knopfler’s technique of playing guitar.

So, do not stop! Play and tried every day till you not know how to play songs from MK, once you will learn how to play these songs, nothing will stop you!

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