Chatting with Rock Legend – John Illsley

Chatting with Rock Legend – John Illsley

35-minutes interview with John Illsley.

This 35-minutes interview is from May 3, 2016 by Jose Oliveira ‘Rock at Night’ columnist. Jose and John discussed about the meaning behind the tittle of John Illsley album “Long Shadows”, about the music industry and new music generation today. They also talked about John’s solo work as well as Dire Straits, paintings (the biggest passion of John) and love of art museums and some politics.

You can must listen this interview. In the past few years John Illsley had an amazing tour around Europe and he traveled the world several times. But, when he has some extra time you will catch him probably in the pub that he owns where he most at all make little private concerts with his John Illsley Band, or you will catch him in some museums around United Kingdom.

This interview is from 2016, after John had a great concert at Jazzhaus in Freiburg, Germany, Jose was invited to go the next day to Pratteln, Switzerland and to have this private chat with John. (Below is the link where you must to click to listen the interview.)

“It was a great honor to speak with this great British rock legend”, said Jose. After this interview John Illsley on 20 May, 2016 released his album “Long Shadows”.


Click here to listen the interview with John and Jose.

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