Pavel Fomenkov is back with 3 new songs from Knopfler

Pavel Fomenkov is back with 3 new songs from Knopfler

Pavel Fomenkov

Yes, the Russian guitarist is back. Pavel Fomenkov who still make songbook with all Mark Knopfler’s songs is back for all ‘Dire Soldiers’, fans of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler and readers of Dire Straits Blog.

This time in just 3 minutes and 30 seconds Pavel will show you, how to play three songs similar for playing from Mark Knopfler – of course on the acoustic guitar. Three Mark Knopfler songs where the Nashville tuning was used.

The first song is ‘What it is’, an amazing song for playing on guitar which is probably a favorite song of all the fans of Mark. The second song is ‘Golden Heart’ and on the end is the song ‘Privateering’.

This all songs have similar chords on the guitar but we could not to say that they are the same. However, today Pavel is the “guitar master” and he will show you all the tricks and tips for playing these songs, tabs and chords.

Enjoy at the video below, give us support and send us email if you have something to share with us and all the readers of Dire Straits Blog.

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