Giulio Cattarini with new DS cover ‘You and Your Friend’

Giulio Cattarini with new DS cover ‘You and Your Friend’

Giulio Cattarini

Giulio Cattarini is a guy from Italy, who is a big fan of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. He shows his passion of music with making video covers on his YouTube channel. He has made more than 15 video covers in his own style of playing electric guitar and singing.

Before five months we made short interview with him for Dire Straits Blog. That post you can read clicking here.

But for today, we have something new from him. He sent us email where he told us that on July 29 was his birthday. For his birthday he made one amazing performance on his electric guitar. Six minutes video cover, with the exactly same sound how Mark Knopfler performed that, ‘You and Your Friend’ is a song for forget about everything.

We must say that Giulio and his performance in this video are amazing. He also said:

“This is my new cover: “You and Your Friend”, one of my favorite songs from Dire Straits for all the time. The video was recorded on 29 July (day of my birthday) and I just finished with editing yesterday (on 1 August 2017). So, is a fresh new cover. I also must to share with all fans that it was not easy to perform, but I tried to make it as close as possible I can to the original song, to capture that magic feeling. As always the video was filmed by me with a Sony camera Nex-3 + Canon FD Lens 50mm F1.8.”

Giulio also added: “Much time I spent on searching the right guitar, because I wanted this song to be exactly with the same sound like Mark Knopfler played it, I am happy with the results and I hope that all fans will like this cover version.”

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