Jake Thistle with new guitar cover – ‘Sultans of Swing’ this time

Jake Thistle with new guitar cover – ‘Sultans of Swing’ this time

Jake Thistle

Do you remember on Jake Thistle? The young guy with a guitar who played all the old hits and classic songs from Dire Straits and other bands and big guitar stars? Jake sent us email with new video cover. Every Sunday at his “music room” he played on his acoustic guitar some retro song. This time that was song from Dire Straits.

He made cover version of ‘Sultans of Swing’. Jake told us in the interview for DSB that his voice mutated and he feel that in his voice somethings is change. Jake also made cover of ‘Walk of Life’ which we shared couple weeks ago. You can listen his cover of ‘Walk of Life’ here.

Enjoy in this amazing musician and his performance of ‘Sultans of Swing’. Jake added a description on his post of this video and he said:

“Acoustic Sunday! Something different. 40 years ago this week, Dire Straits released ‘Sultans of Swing’, which is a cool song. I’ve played it electric and with bands, but never tried it stripped down on the acoustic. It was fun to play, and I hope you guys like it.”


The cover that he made is because of 40 anniversary of publishing that classic hit ‘Sultans of Swing’ by Dire Straits. Big thanks to Jake, we will expect something new from you! Give support to this young musician!

If you want to read the interview that we made with Jake Thistle click here.

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