30 years ago – ‘Money for Nothing’ was the first video at MTV Europe

30 years ago – ‘Money for Nothing’ was the first video at MTV Europe

Money for Nothing

1, August 1987 – 30 years ago ‘Money for Nothing’ that classic hit from Dire Straits, was the first video to be shown at the launch of MTV Europe. That amazing voice of Sting at the beginning of ‘Money for Nothing’ – he said ‘I want my MTV’, finally got its MTV on 1 August 1987.

When the music channel began broadcasting from Amsterdam, Holland – the magic video and the first video to be shown on the new channel was of course song from Dire Straits. Video directed by Steve Barron.

By then, not only was the song an established smash, with three weeks at No. 1 to its name in America in 1985, but the promo film had won Video of the Year at the 3rd MTV Video Music Awards, in Los Angeles the previous September.

‘Money for Nothing’ is amazing song, with own style and manners which Mark Knopfler put them into this song. Everyone know this song, and everyone enjoy till listen to this song. You know, if you have some bad day or sad day, this song can push you up to the sky and there will be no more, sad day. Remember is just a bad day sometime, not a bad life. Appreciate your life.

So, keep with the positives and good vibes, waves in your life will work for you. Life is beautiful if you know how to live. Listen to Dire Straits and this month is month of Dire Straits, so rock on!

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