Guitar Made Out of Broken Skateboards

Guitar Made Out of Broken Skateboards

Guitar Made Out of Broken SkateboardsGuitar Made Out of Broken Skateboards

In this blog-post, we are going to present you Ben Paik and one of his projects made in his 20 ft. shipping container. Namely, he makes things out of recycled skateboards. The project that we are going to share today is about his guitar made out of broken skateboards.

Ben has shared his 13-minutes video in January 2020 on his YouTube Channel. Until now the video has more than 240,000 views. You can check the video below where he recorded the whole process of making his guitar.

“I want to test the limits of what you can make out of these broken skateboards that are destined to end up in a landfill,” he wrote. 

So why he is using skateboards? Ben is based in Los Angeles which is one of the biggest skateboarding communities in the world. There are tons of different skateboards. Skateboards are made out of 7 layers of Canadian maple which is very strong and depending on the manufacturer, each veneer is dyed with different colors. His goal is to inspire the community and give them the right tools to recycle skateboards themselves.

Among this guitar, Ben has made a lot of different things from skateboards. He made a baseball bat, coffee tables, clothing rack, mallets, wall arts, etc. Feel free to click on the play button below and enjoy watching. Please hit the like, share, and comment!

Guitar Made Out of Broken Skateboards in L.A.

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