Burls Art: “I Built an Epoxy Volcano Guitar”

Burls Art: “I Built an Epoxy Volcano Guitar”

Burls Art: “I Built an Epoxy Volcano Guitar”Burls Art: “I Built an Epoxy Volcano Guitar”

One year ago Burls Art has built a guitar out of 1,200 colored pencils. His video went viral across the internet and YouTube, and until now has more than 31 million views.

Couple times we tried to get in contact with Burls Art and the guy who is behind this channel, but we didn’t get any feedback information.

However, today we just want to share another interesting video by Burls Art. Namely, he made an epoxy volcano guitar. The last two guitars which he has built were a guitar out of carbon fiber cloth and guitar of 1,200 colored pencils version 3.0.

“After building the epoxy river guitar, I noticed how the lighting behind the guitar illuminated the river which gave an awesome and unique visual appeal. I figured that a lava guitar would have an even cooler effect. It took me a while to find the right piece of wood to try building this guitar. I found an awesome old piece of blackened redwood to use for this guitar.”

“Unfortunately, it had some dry rot which I had not anticipated so it made the build a bit tougher than expected. All said and done it looks sweet and kind of just how I imagined it in my head. The fretboard is Chechen with a roasted maple neck. 30 in scale length baritone,” this was written at the official website of Burls Art.

Take a look at the video below which is about 12-minutes long and find out how Burls Art made this amazing guitar.

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