“Sultans of Swing” – Guitar Solo by Dave Corleto

“Sultans of Swing” – Guitar Solo by Dave Corleto

Dave CorletoDave Corleto

“Sultans of Swing” is the number one hit song by Dire Straits. The solo that Mark Knopfler has played during the song is historic. Many musicians are trying to make a closer solo version to the original.

Dave Corleto (30) is a guitarist and guitar teacher from Vercelli, a little town in Piedmont, Italy. He is working with music, but it’s not yet his main job. As he said: “I’m not a pro, but I try to be professional when I give lessons when I buy an instrument when I made a score, write a song or simply play with my friends.”

He has made a short solo version of “Sultans of Swing.” So, we got in touch with him and asked him a couple of questions. Exclusive for our blog he revealed a few interesting facts about him and his music.

Dave, when did the music start to be your occupation?

“Around 18 I started to give some guitar lessons to kids, from there things evolved.”

When you have discovered Dire Straits and their music?

“I think it was the third year of my classic guitar study. I found “Love Over Gold” in my house and if I remember well I kept it 2 months in my cd player, listening to it over and over again! Then I discovered their whole discography. It’s weird, but without knowing that Mark Knopfler plays only with fingers, I started playing his songs in the right way. As I am a classic guitar player I didn’t know how to play with a pick. It happened by accident but had bring me closer to that awesome sound.”

From where do you find the inspiration for playing guitar?

“Now, it’s a way of expressing myself but I think that when you met people with passion, ideas, and projects…that people become fuel for creativity as much as travel in interesting places, read books, and study art.”

Dave play mostly on guitar, but he knows to strum bass and piano. During his teenage days and years, as he said he spent the whole year playing only Dire Straits.

How many cover versions of Dire Strait songs have you already made?

“Until now I have made “Money for Nothing,” “Tunnel of Love,” “Sultans of Swing,” “Brothers in Arms,” and many more.”

Your favorite song, artist, guitarist, and band?

“Hard to say, beside Dire Straits I love Queen, Muse, Lenny Kravitz. From the guitarists Mark Knopfler is my number one and Gary Moore.”

How was created the solo video for the song “Sultans of Swing”?

“The video making part is just a smartphone recording on a tripod. For the audio part, I play on Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 and record on Ox of Universal Audio, an audio card linked with the PC. The guitar is a Stratocaster with customized handmade parts.”

What is your motto in life and what is that which motivates you to continue with good vibes and positive energy in life?

“I don’t have one. I just try to do the most important stuff in the best way and to dedicate myself to the important peoples in my life.”

And for the end what you can tell something to all fans who read the Dire Straits blog?

“If you play the guitar, learn from Mark’s style. Don’t copy him but use his ideas and his music concept. Take care of your sound, your touch, and don’t overdo. Use the right note at the right time.”

Dave Corleto – Sultans of Swing – Solo Version 2020

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