“Iron Hand” – Acoustic Dire Straits Cover by Anabela Silva

“Iron Hand” – Acoustic Dire Straits Cover by Anabela Silva

“Iron Hand” – Acoustic Dire Straits Cover by Anabela Silva“Iron Hand” – Acoustic Dire Straits Cover by Anabela Silva

Anabela Silva is our longtime friend as well as a fan of Dire Straits Blog. Before three years ago we just found her on Instagram where she had a lot of amazing guitar videos.

Today, she is back again with another acoustic Dire Straits cover video. Namely, she uploaded her cover video on her YouTube channel on July 12, 2020.

This time she has made an amazing full acoustic cover video for the song “Iron Hand” by Dire Straits.

In the video description, she has written: “Unfortunately our main camera broke and we had to film this with my brother’s phone. We will try to get something sorted soon to resume a good video quality. Here’s this week’s cover of “Iron Hand” by Dire Straits. Hope you like it!”

For all our readers, she has also said: “I just wanted to share that I’ve been working on my original stuff giving my best to finish my first album “Clouds” and release it later this year. My songs are strongly inspired by Dire Straits, as such, remembering and recreating songs like this, not so popular, is for me an excellent form of inspection and creation, as well as a huge challenge.”

Until now she has made a couple more cover videos for Dire Straits songs, including “So Far Away,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Why Worry.”

If you’re interested in her work, please click here to find out more about Anabela and her music. Enjoy!

Iron Hand – by Anabela Silva

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