Acoustic Guitars of Mark Knopfler – Part 2

Acoustic Guitars of Mark Knopfler – Part 2

Mark Knopfler - Acoustic Guitars Part 2

After the posts about electric guitars of Mark Knopfler, National Resonator’s and Gibson guitars we have to show our fans three more acoustic guitars that Mark Knopfler used to play during his career. It about Martin acoustic guitars.

1935 Martin D18 – This is one of Mark’s favorite acoustic guitars, the guitar was a present from Paul Kennerly.

The guitar I’ve been playing more than any other over the past few years is a D-18 Martin from 1935. It was a present from a friend and there’s just something about it, it has a lot of character – very slatey, kind of dry, but a beautiful sound”, Mark Knopfler.

1935 Martin D18




Martin HD-40MK – This is the first Mark Knopfler signature Martin, made for a short period of time in 2002. A total of around 250 guitars were made. Mark used this guitar for the recording of The Ragpicker’s Dream in 2002.

Martin HD-40MK

Martin 000-40S – Second Mark Knopfler signature line from Martin – the 000-40S. Only 150 of these guitar were made in the original run.

Martin 000-40S

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