‘Money for Nothing’ – Balkan version by Haris Abdagich and his band

‘Money for Nothing’ – Balkan version by Haris Abdagich and his band


This interesting and specific cover version of “Money for Nothing” is by Haris Abdagich – Bosnian singer and guitar player. He is member of band Balkañeros – Bosnian rock n’ roll-folk band.

Guitars, violin, harmonica, drums, plus specific Bosnian traditional music rhythm and elements of style of singing, make “Money for Nothing” once again fresh song.

The band is from Zenica, fourth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Balkañeros is the latest musical project by Haris Abdagich “born” as a result of his long musical journey and friendships that were gained on that journey.

Haris is a singer, songwriter and guitar player from Bosnia and Herzegovina and he have musical experience through many years of playing around with numerous bands. With his former Ethno band, he had many club concerts around his country.

Since returning from England (where – in the period 1995th-96th – he held peace-concerts and attended a school of music production at LIPA – Academy founded by famous Paul McCartney), Haris is dedicated to researching of folk music heritage of the Balkan region.

The main objective is to gather lots of young and promising musicians around the idea of promoting musical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ex-Yu region. They also create original songs in the frame of traditional music.

Band count six members Haris – vocal and guitar; Aldin – bass guitar and vocal; Sead; Almin – on saxophone; Ernad – guitar and vocal and solo Semir.

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