Acoustic Guitars of Mark Knopfler – Part 1

Acoustic Guitars of Mark Knopfler – Part 1


After five parts of Electric guitars of Mark Knopfler we now must introduced to people all acoustic guitars that Knopfler had used during his career. This would be interesting for all guitarist and fans which loves guitars and the sound that they produced.

So let’s start with number one acoustic guitar that Knopfler had used over his career at many shows and gigs. Enjoy!

National Tricone & National Duolian Resonator guitar

This two guitars are favorites and maybe the most beautiful acoustic guitars that Mark ever had. The first one guitar is – National Tricone guitar that Mark bought it sometime in late 60s or early 70s at Exchange and Mart in Wales. He did not even have a car to drive there, and also the money to buy the guitar. But, somehow he founded the way and at the end he had car and money for guitar.

He played this guitar with Steve Phillips in “The Duolian String Pickers” band, before buying Steve’s Duolian guitar.

National Tricone Guitar
National Tricone Guitar – During The Notting Hillbillies period

1937 National Duolin Resonator guitar is one specific guitar and if you do not know what it is a Resonator guitar click here to know!

Mark bought this guitar in 1978 from Steve Phillips with whom he met in 1969 working as a journalist for ‘The Yorkshire Evening Post’. Later, Mark and Steve became close friends and started playing together in local pubs under a stage name “The Duolian String Pickers”.

Another photograph of The Duolian String Pickers – Steve and Mark – in action, February 1970

Mark used this guitar for many Dire Straits songs, especially for album from 1982 “Love over Gold” at Telegraph Road song and on Romeo and Juliet from the 1980 album “Making Movies”.

1937 National Duolin Resonator Guitar

Three Gibson Guitars
Over his career he used many guitars and Gibson is one good guitar brand. Mark had three Gibson acoustic guitars and they are:

Gibson Chet Atkins CE – Which he played on live during “Love over Gold” Tour on Private Investigations and Love over Gold song.

Gibson Chet Atkins CE

1938 Gibson Advanced Jumbo – This guitar Knopfler used on “Speedway at Nazareth” and “Wanderlust” from the 2000 album Sailing to Philadelphia and on “Before Gas and TV” and “Remembrance Day” from the 2009 album Get Lucky.

Interesting fact for this guitar is that Mark’s guitar from this model is one of only 300 hundred Advanced Jumbos ever made, before they were replaced with now better known Gibson J-200 Super Jumbo. This guitar is so elegant with Brazilian rosewood back and sides.

1938 Gibson Advanced Jumbo

1953 Gibson Southern Jumbo – Mark would usually play this one for strumming using a pick, while he mostly fingerpicks on the previously mentioned Gibson Jumbo. He used this guitar on “Sailing to Philadelphia”, “All that matters”, “Back to Tupelo” and “Sucker row”.

Gibson Southern Jumbo 1953

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