Dire Straits and their songs on World Day of Music (Videos)

Dire Straits and their songs on World Day of Music (Videos)


21 June is the day when many amateur and professional musicians get out in the streets around the world and play their music. On that day, people can hear many different music genres and styles of playing music.

Today we have a few videos from different musicians. The interesting fact is that many years after Dire Straits disbanded, their music and songs are played on the streets. People will never forget what Dire Straits did for the music and people who loves the music.

We will start first with the video from 1991. Recorded in Bayeux, France which is little place with 13,000 people who lives there. Probably people from Bayeux enjoy in Dire Straits songs. Fact is that in that time, Dire Straits still made songs and played on tours till 1995. Guys on the video plays “Lady Writer” song from album “Communique” from 1979. We could see that they were in good music form then. What they do today we do not know, but if anyone knows this guys or has been there then could tell us how was the atmosphere.

The second video that we want to show you is 18 years after the first video. Another band play Dire Straits songs at World Music Day in 21 June, 2009. This time this in the middle of France in city called Montluçon – place with population near 38,000 people. The band played “So Far Away” and many other songs from Dire Straits in late night in front of Montluçon Dom’s Bar.

In 2013 near border between France and Belgium, in city called Marcq-en-Barœul, The Dire Straits Experience together with Crhis White ex-member of Dire Straits, had a concert for the World Music Day. They performed many classic hits from Dire Straits and in the video below you can check how was that night.

And we will finish with probably the newest video that is recorded on World Music Day in France, this time in the Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris. Last year on 21 June, cover band Frogspoon played songs from Dire Straits. They are band which played in bars, cafes and pubs. Below is the video from them, where they played “Money For Nothing”.

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