A Few Tips and Tricks How to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time

A Few Tips and Tricks How to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time


This is a step-by-step guide for beginner musicians and singer-songwriters. This post can help you and give you a couple a few interesting tips and tricks for your work. Here we go.

Many guitarists and musicians struggle to coordinate their hands and vocals. You know that you can play the song but it all goes to pot when you try to sing and play guitar at the same time. Singing and playing electric or acoustic guitar can be a challenge for beginners. Because of that, we are giving you a couple of tips and tricks on how to learn that easy and start with your song!

1. Work independently!

Like a pianist who uses both hands to play two different rhythms concurrently or a drummer who uses all four limbs working independently, you need to meld your strumming and singing rhythms so that they sound seamless. Playing and singing aren’t two separate things.

2. Simple rhythms and rhymes

Don’t complicate the task unnecessarily by choosing songs that exceed your skill level. This will only leave you feeling frustrated and defeated. You can start with learning easy songs that you like and know well, songs with only a few chords, and simple strum patterns and lyrics you can easily remember.

3. Know your guitar basics

Your guitar playing must be at a level where chord changes are effortless, and you need to be so comfortable with your strumming that you don’t even have to think about it. This will free you up to concentrate singing.

4. Practice strumming with a metronome

If you start from today to use a metronome and spend 10 minutes a day practicing a simple strumming pattern, you will notice significant improvements in your timing within a few weeks. This really helps!

5. Know how to play the song and how to sing the song

Pick a song and memorize the words, sing it out loud with a recording, sing it in the shower, sing it to your cat or dog. You have to know the tune and lyrics of that song. Play the music on your guitar until you have it memorized and can perform it fluently.

6. You need to slow down sometimes

Sometimes you just need to slow down and go with the things slowly. It’s far better to sing and play correctly, albeit slowly, than to be fudging rhythms at full speed. Go through the song measure by measure, line by line, until you can play and sing it all the way through without errors. Speed will come once you iron out all the kinks.

7. A note on fingerpicking

If you’re playing a song that uses fingerpicking, you might find it helpful to take a few steps back to start. First, sing using a simple strum pattern to play the chords. Once you got the song down perfectly this way, move on to a more complex strum pattern, and then ultimately to the original picking pattern.

8. Changing key

If you find yourself straining to hit a song’s notes, try changing the key so that the guitar’s tones adapt to your voice. Move the chords up a fret or two, you can transpose a piece to either a lower or higher pitch. Try singing again until you find a key that suits your voice. For changing the key, you can be using a cap that allows you to keep the same fingering as the original.

9. Practice

The practice is the most important thing if you want to succeed in this challenge. You need to have the patience for this because none of us know something before start using it. It is depending on the skill that you have it and adding more and more song to your practice list. You constantly need to make different combinations of rhythms and find the one that you like. With the practice, you will find out and learned how to synchronize you’re playing with your vocals.

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