$4,000 for Blonde Les Paul ’58?

$4,000 for Blonde Les Paul ’58?


This is one interesting and powerful instrument. It’s about Standard Historic 1958 Les Paul guitar from Gibson Custom. The model is Gibson ’58 Reissue Les Paul Plain Top R8 2001 Butterscotch Blonde.

This guitar delivers the tone, looks and feel of the original ’58 Gibson, from the first now infamous Sunburst Gibson models. For those who loves music, guitars and rocking around with electric guitar, this instrument will be something incredible for them.

Basically, the guitar which is below on the pictures is in excellent (used) condition with solid body. It features with hand-crafted beauty and the authentic tone of Gibson guitars, plus historically accurate aniline dye. With the construction and the renown sound transference comes long neck tenon.

Gibson ’58 Reissue Les Paul Plain Top R8 2001 Butterscotch Blonde

The most important details of this guitar are created to be near to the original guitars of Gibson models and for convincing experience playing and composing. This guitar which is made in USA in 2001, is one incredible classic model from the Gibson’s and the price for a guitar like this one is around $4,000.

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