13-years-old daughter surprise her father with “Sultans of Swing”

13-years-old daughter surprise her father with “Sultans of Swing”


Dire Straits has fans all around the world, and many times that has been already proven through their numerous concerts and shows. One thing is clearly for all us and that is а band like them, will never exist anymore.

The thing that we will have forever from Dire Straits are their songs and hits, a classic hits of a time that will never come back anymore. All we have memories from the time. One fact is interesting and that is that Dire Straits from day to day have more and more young fans, and that number is increasing constantly.

Today we want to introduce you to Andrej Brumen who is from Slovenia and he is 46 years old. He is father of one amazing and beautiful 13-years old daughter. Namely, Andrej is born on 24 October 1971 and for his birthday this year, his daughter made birthday surprise for him.

In the middle of February this year, his daughter wanted to buy a guitar, and Andrej had to fulfill that desire for her. He told her: “Okay we will buy it, but if this guitar is a wish just for one day, you will have to re-pay the expenses.”

“Obviously, that was not a wish for one day and she sometimes really enjoy during she playing on guitar”, added Andrej.

On 24 October this year she told me: “Daddy, I will play and you will sing…At that moment I really do not expected that she will played my favorite song “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits”, finish Andrej.

Hope you like this interesting story that Andrej share with us. Enjoy in the video below and give support to this young girl who has the talent and will surely develop over the years to come.

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