“Single Handed Sailor” – Guitar Lesson and Cover by Lauri Värtinen

“Single Handed Sailor” – Guitar Lesson and Cover by Lauri Värtinen

“Single Handed Sailor” - Guitar Lesson and Cover by Lauri Värtinen“Single Handed Sailor” - Guitar Lesson and Cover by Lauri Värtinen

A year ago, our dear friend, a very loyal fan of the music of Mark Knopfler, and a guitarist from Finland – Lauri Värtinen made an awesome guitar cover video for the song “Single Handed Sailor” by Dire Straits. He is a 29 years old guitar player which guitar playing is his biggest hobby. As we already know, he’s been playing guitar for 13 years until now and his biggest main influence was Mark Knopfler.

Two years ago, Lauri has started with a YouTube channel dedicated to the songs of Mark Knopfler. He is making video tutorials and video covers from Knopfler’s songs, as well as Dire Straits songs. He never had any guitar teacher. Lauri is a left-handed guitar and if you watch his videos you’ll definitely improve your guitar playing.

Today, we would like to present you his video cover and 11-minute tutorial for the song “Single Handed Sailor”.

“I had to make some kind of tutorial of this song because I’ve received quite a few requests for making one. I don’t think there are many tutorials of this song yet, so hopefully, someone gets something out of this. I’m not a teacher, so this video is quite basic. This may not be the greatest guitar lesson for beginner guitarists, but I’m sure anyone can learn some tricks from this brilliant song. One of my all-time favorite Dire Straits songs for sure,” he added.

“Well, that’s it basically. If other fans like this, I would like to do more stuff like this. And maybe next time I might prepare myself a bit better,” he finished.

If you want to read the first blog post about Lauri Värtinen and to watch his video cover for the song “Money for Nothing” – click here!

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