Lady Mass & Her Nostalgic to The Dire Straits Music

Lady Mass & Her Nostalgic to The Dire Straits Music

Lady Mass & Her Nostalgic to The Dire Straits MusicLady Mass & Her Nostalgic to The Dire Straits Music

In this blog article, we’re going to share with you an interesting description from a post on Instagram. On our Instagram profile page, we constantly receive a lot of photos and tags. The girl with a social network name “Lady Mass” has posted an amazing picture of her pieces of vinyl of Dire Straits, which you’ll have a chance to see down below.

Under her post, she wrote her nostalgic feelings about Dire Straits and the music of her generation.

“This damn pandemic makes me feel even more nostalgic than usual. And, I assure you that the level was already high. Since March 2020, the need to listen to music from my childhood and my youth grows and grows, so today I am going to travel to the past to get back into the shoes of a little Lady Mass of about 8 years.”

“One of my older cousins was a crazy fan of Dire Straits. Constantly whistling their songs and the awesome riffs of Mark Knopfler, and of course, those melodies gradually got into my head until I also fell madly in love with the English band,” she added.

“Dire Straits remind me of my small town in Asturias, of endless summers, without worries, of laughter and games with my sister and my cousins. I absolutely love all their albums, but some important ones are missing in my collection, I know and I will get it soon. But, Alchemy, despite being a live album is my favorite. In fact, if I had the chance to travel back in time to go to just one concert, I think I’d pick the one Knopfler and the guys gave at Hammersmith Odeon in London in July 1983, the amazing show they recorded Alchemy at.”

“And what about your beauties? If you had the chance to go to just one concert from the past, which one would you choose?” she finished.

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