Rock n’ Blues – Solo video by Mauro Marchetti

Rock n’ Blues – Solo video by Mauro Marchetti


One year ago we wrote blog-post about Mauro Marchetti the Italian guitar player from Rome.

In that blog-post we have shared video from Mauro’s performance together with his close friend and band mate Roberto, where they played ‘Sultans of Swing’ by Dire Straits. They play together since 1998 and also they have a rock band called “Twelve Strings.”

“We love music of Dire Straits. We love Mark Knopfler. Usually we have a lot of gigs around Rome,” said Mauro.

A couple weeks ago, Mauro send us short video where he played his own solo on electric guitar. Below is the video, enjoy and give support to this musician and his band. They’re Dire Straits fans! Enjoy!

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