“Money for Nothing” – New Video by the French Band Custom Kitchen

“Money for Nothing” – New Video by the French Band Custom Kitchen

“Money for Nothing” – New Video by the French Band Custom Kitchen“Money for Nothing” – New Video by the French Band Custom Kitchen

Yann Gutter is a French musician, guitarist, and frontman of the band Custom Kitchen. This music band is a tribute band to Dire Straits.

In March 2020 for our blog, we made the first official interview with Yann Gutter. Back then he really shared some interesting information about his band and other members. Also, he shared with us few official videos from their previous live performances. If you would like to read the whole blog interview with Yann Gutter – please click HERE.

After the interview at our blog, the band has shared a full 10-minute cover video of the song “Romeo and Juliet.” Click HERE if you want to read more about this!

Today, we would like to share one more video from Custom Kitchen. This time it’s about their cover of the song “Money for Nothing”, released in October 2020. The band counts six members and for this video, all of them played from home. The goal for this video was, as the frontman of the band said, to prepare themselves for future live performances and gigs and also to promote the band in France.

“The first step of the video was the recording session. Each instrument was played by each band member and self-recorded at home. Once we had each part, I made the mixing and send it back to everyone. The first idea was to make a video quite like ‘Romeo and Juliet’. But it wasn’t easy to get everybody’s film,” Yann said.

He continued by explaining the idea for the video and how he finally makes some good footage. “I decided to do something else and made a video in reference to the original ‘Money for Nothing’. I had one week some free-of-charge time, so I used it to film some footage and do VFX and video editing.”

“Finally, I’ve got this result. If I had more time in life, I would have changed a lot of things. But, I think the result is quite funny and works for this song. The first part is in real life what happens to the 3D character of the original video clip, with each plan based and accurately timed on it,” he finished.

Down below you can watch and listen to the full video by Custom Kitchen. Enjoy!

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