“Romeo and Juliet” – 10 Minutes Version by the French Band Custom Kitchen

“Romeo and Juliet” – 10 Minutes Version by the French Band Custom Kitchen


Custom Kitchen is a tribute band to Dire Straits from Strasbourg, France. Last month, we have made an interview with the frontman of the band Yann Gutter. He told us interesting things about his band, and he also shared some videos from their first live gig in July of 2019. If you want to read the full interview – click here.

Today, we would like to share their new 10-minutes video cover where they performed a song by Dire Straits – “Romeo and Juliet.” Besides the video, Yann was in the mood to share with all the fans something more about the video how was recorded.

“The song was recorded during the second week of the quarantine period due to COVID-19 in France. As everyone is a constraint to stay home, we had to compose with the material and stuff each other had at home. So, a real drum kit wasn’t suitable and Fred had to play on electronic drums, Nico who is playing on an electric guitar has had only his phone to record, and I’ve used my homemade Resonator guitar which I built 3 months ago. Every one of us had to find something to record the video also, more often cellphones were used,” said Yann.

“We were focused on getting close to the 1992/1993 “On Every Street” tour live version of the song “Romeo and Juliet,” as it has a really beautiful intro and saxophone chorus. As we have a really good sax player, Oliver, it was immediately the good choice to make,” he added.

“Our bass player suggested adding Gino Monachello as lap steel player guest because the original song had a pedal steel chorus at the end. Gino is a really good professional guitar player from our area, and I strongly recommended to have a listen to his band Osh the Band. He accepted very kindly and quite immediately to join the project. We left him free to add whatever he liked on the title, and I’m very happy with the result. It gives the slightly different feel that I was hoping we were able to get.”

“Romeo and Juliet,” wasn’t a track we were playing in our shows until then, but we wanted to add it to the future gigs. For this song Oliver was the first to do his job, he did the saxophone part with the “On the Night” version of the song and send them to everybody. Alex then did his keyboards track, as he is playing during the entire song. From there, Nico, Foes and I have done our duty separately but quite simultaneously at the end of the week. I did a little bit of editing just to get everything together, and we have sent this rush to Gino. He finally sent me the video, so here it is!” he finished.

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