‘Brothers In Arms’ – Fingerstyle Cover Video by Jose Esteves

‘Brothers In Arms’ – Fingerstyle Cover Video by Jose Esteves

Jose Esteves during his performance of 'Brothers In Arms'. (April, 2018)

As you already know – Jose Esteves is our special fan and follower, he is fan of Dire Straits for years and years. In the past two blog-posts that we have shared early this year, he showed us how good he is on the guitar.

Today we want to share his cover video for the well-known song by Dire Straits – ‘Brothers in Arms’. You can watch the video below, and Jose with his beautiful voice and elegant way of playing guitar gonna make you to feel a divine while you’re listening to his performance.

We are especially grateful for his kindly words at the beginning of the video, where he said: “Today I’m gonna play Brothers in Arms song, and I would like to dedicated this song to the Dire Straits Official Blog, because they have been sharing my videos and I’m very grateful for that. So, I hope you’ll enjoyed it.”

The first post that we shared for him was about his remastered video from Knopfler’s ‘Going Home – Local Hero’ theme song. The second post was for ‘Private Investigations’ song which for Jose as he said then is very special song with a lot of meaning for him.

Also, you can watch the other two performances by Jose here – ‘Going Home – Local Hero’ & ‘Private Investigations’.

In the name of all Dire Straits fans and followers as one of the blog websites for Dire Straits, we just want to thank to Jose because the performance was awesome. Jose – Thank You!

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