Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover of Private Investigations

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover of Private Investigations

Jose Esteves

This month our friend from Portugal – Jose Esteves has made amazing cover versions of two Dire Straits songs.

The first one was the song from the Local Hero movie “Going Home” and now, he is back with one of the most beautiful songs by DS, “Private Investigations”. Below in this post is his version of 6 minutes.

As he says: “This is really one difficult song by Dire Straits for performing,” but however it is beautiful ballad especially for relaxing in the nights.

“This song is very special to me, because it reminds me a lot of the special moments that I had with my younger sister Susana Esteves. We spent a lot of hours and hours at our house balcony dreaming together and listening to Dire Straits,” he added.

“I’ve been always a big fan of Dire Straits. This song was one of the soundtracks that became our brother-sister relationship really close and really special. At the same time, this song is very important to me, because I lost the voice and now I’m recovering and during that time (about 6 months) I developed 9 original instrumental tunes that will be release in the end of the month”, added Jose.

“In ‘Private…I ‘Investigate’ and explored a lot of new things. One of that things was developing my fingerstyle acoustic guitar skills. That allowed me to play this song and make this video. With pleasure I want to share the video with all Dire Straits Blog followers. Thanks you,” finished Jose. If you want to watch the first video from Jose, click here.

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