What If the Song “Make You Feel My Love” Was Written by Dire Straits?

What If the Song “Make You Feel My Love” Was Written by Dire Straits?

what-if-the-song-make-you-feel-my-love-was-written-by-dire-straits-blog-laszlo-buringLaszlo Buring

And here we go again. Laszlo Buring the 25-year-old musician and guitarist is back again with another arrangement in the style of Dire Straits.

Laszlo is well-known for his YouTube channel where he shares arrangements of various songs played in different versions. His style is very unique. Because of that last year, he had a lot of visits on his channel from all around the world.

Until now, Dire Straits Blog has shared a couple of blog posts about Laszlo’s arrangements. You can click here to listen to his version of the song “Layla” by Eric Clapton, but if it was written by Dire Straits.

Today, we have another Laszlo performance and video version of the song “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan, but in a Dire Straits version. What has Laszlo shared with us, you can read more down below.

“While I was diving into some Bob Dylan songs and playing around with them I came across this song. I’d played it before and as I was looking for a key to sing it in more comfortably I thought it might sound nice if it were to play Dire Straits style,” he added.

“I started thinking of what sounds would fit in it and figured it would sound great as a sort of “Romeo & Juliet” style ballad. With the stripped-down verses and a big chorus. So, I made up a resonator guitar part. Added some bass, drums, subtle acoustic guitar, organ, and electric guitar to finish it off.”


“The chord progression to this song is so beautiful with the F-major chord going to F-minor. It really got my creative juices flowing and made me dive into the mindset of Mark Knopfler, to try and come up with something he would come up with over those chords.”

“I jammed on it for hours to come up with a solo that ties the song together. As with all these Dire Straits versions that I do, it’s the big solo at the end that motivates me to finish them and as long as the reviews are good I love to continue making them,” he finished.

Down below is the video song of “Make You Feel My Love” and you can listen to it and give your opinion in the comments. Laszlo is ready to do more performances like this one, especially in the style of Dire Straits. Give him support and enjoy these unique music versions!

“Make You Feel My Love” – If it were written by Dire Straits

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