The Story of the Songs “Chilly Wind” & “Summer’s Coming My Way” by Mark Knopfler

The Story of the Songs “Chilly Wind” & “Summer’s Coming My Way” by Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler and Sue Hercombe (1966)

In this blog-post, you will have a chance to listen to one of the very first songs by Mark Knopfler, since the days when he was in high school.

Namely, on October 17, 2002, Mark Knopfler was in Norway to promote his studio album called The Ragpicker’s Dream. Back then, he was in on TV show where he and the host of the show talked about his early high school days.

The host of the show asked Mark Knopfler about a couple of things in his life. They started to talk about his song “Chilly Wind”, which Mark Knopfler and Sue Hercombe recorded in 1966 during their high school days for social events, then they talked about Mark’s journalism days and how he met with John Illsley.

Also, the interesting part was the moment when the mother of Sue Hercombe sent a message to Mark Knopfler in the interview. You can watch the full interview in the video below.

Two years after “Chilly Wind”, Mark Knopfler in 1968 finished with studying journalism and he has met his friend from Leeds Steve Phillips. Steve was a blues artist and country enthusiast. At the time, they together formed a duo called “The Duolian String Pickers”, and they performed in local folk and acoustic blues venues.

In April 1970, while Mark still was living in Leeds, he recorded a demo disk of an original song he had written, “Summer’s Coming My Way”. The recording included Mark Knopfler as a guitarist and vocal, Steve Phillips as the second guitar, Dave Johnson on the bass guitar, and Paul Granger on percussion.

Johnson, Granger and the vocalist Mick Dewhirst played with Mark Knopfler in a band called Silverheels.

The song was recorded in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, the United Kingdom in 1971. Below you will have a chance to listen to a piece of history, to one and only release by Mark Knopfler’s band Silverheels and their demo of the song, enjoy!

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