The Best of The ‘Shangri-La Tour’ Is Now Available on YouTube

The Best of The ‘Shangri-La Tour’ Is Now Available on YouTube

the-best-of-shangri-la-tour-2005-dire-straits-blog-news-mark-knopfler-youtube-tracks-available-downloadThe Best of The 'Shangri-La Tour' Is Now Available on YouTube

All the best live recordings from the Shangri-La Tour 2005 are now available on YouTube. You can find all the live recordings on Mark Knopfler’s official YouTube channel.

The fourth solo studio album by Mark Knopfler was released on September 28, 2004. The name of that album is ‘Shangri-La’ and at the time, the album received generally favorable reviews. All album was recorded in February 2004 at the Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, California.

This album has fourteen songs and each one of them tells a story. Mark Knopfler supported the release of this album along with the tour in 2005. The tour started on February 28, 2005, in South Africa, specifically in the city of Johannesburg.

All in all, this tour included 104 concerts in 95 cities. There were included cities in South Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America.

Also, this tour included a five-night run at the Royal Albert Hall in London. In the end, the tour ended in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada on July 31, 2005.

Listen to the full playlist of Shangri-La Tour 2005

Selected tracks from the official live recordings of this tour have been released weekly on YouTube over the past few months. Today, we would like to share that you can listen to them for free on the official Mark Knopfler’s YouTube channel.

By clicking HERE, you can also find each full-length concert recording for download.

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