David Knopfler Released His New Album – “Last Train Leaving”

David Knopfler Released His New Album – “Last Train Leaving”

Album Cover - "Last Train Leaving" (2020).

David Knopfler one of the founders of Dire Straits this year released a new album under the name “Last Train Leaving.”

Another studio CD from David Knopfler is already available with the new unique 14-songs with a full length of more than 45-minutes. The album is released also in the United Kingdom this February. The genre of the music is mix with rock, folk, and world & country music rhythm and style.

The last solo studio album by David Knopfler before “Last Train Leaving” was released in 2019 under the name “Heartlands.”

Below are all the names of the songs from the album “Last Train Leaving.”

01. The Ballad of Little Blackie (3:14)
02. I Gave My Heart (3:49)
03. Glory Be (4:02)
04. All the Fun of the Fair (4:20)
05. Wolfboy (3:26)
06. That Perfect Storm (3:07)
07. Pinky Promises (2:35)
08. When a Boy Becomes a Man (2:53)
09. Requiem for the Living (2:48)
10.These two hands (4:21)
11. Only a Miracle (4:45)
12. Nearly Really There (2:13)
13. The Gift of Life (Last Train Leaving) (3:55)
14. Who Do You Really Love (3:20)

The album is written and produced by David Knopfler, but during the recording sessions, he worked with others musicians including Leslie Stroz (backing vocals), Pete Shaw (bass guitar), George Shilling (cello), Harry Bogdanovs (guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, accordion), Denis Blackham, Dave Coleman, and Nick Zala-Web (pedal steel guitar).

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