Review of the Performance of Mark Knopfler in Pamplona – Spain

Review of the Performance of Mark Knopfler in Pamplona – Spain

Mark Knopfler in Pamplona, Spain (2019)

The Spanish people have the privilege to listen to their favorite guitar player Mark Knopfler in a couple of cities around Spain. This blog post is for the concert that Mark Knopfler had in the city of Pamplona on May 5th, 2019 for his World Tour dedicated to the album Down the Road Wherever.

Mark started his tour in Cordoba, Spain, then he went to Lisbon in Portugal, and after that, he went to the following Coruna and Pamplona in Spain. On the live show in Pamplona, Mark opened the concert with the song “Why Aye Man,” and he continued with another 16 songs in a row, including: “Corned Beef City,” “Sailing to Philadelphia,” “Once Upon a Time in The West,” “Romeo and Juliet”, “My Bacon Roll” and many more from his solo career and Dire Straits days.

That tour and concert celebrate the maturity of a man whose solo career is already longer than the “walk of Dire Straits,” as well as more productive and of an indisputable and suggestive solidity. In the video below you can listen to some of the songs that he performed that night at Navarra Arena together with his band.

The music and arrangements prepared for each presentation tend a powerful bridge between performers and audiences. It is a matter of emotion, intimate enjoyment and feeling, pure spell that did not decay at any time during the two hours of the concert, although the chosen repertoire did not intend to make too many or easy concessions to past successes.

Click here to check the gallery from the concert in Pamplona, Spain.

If Mark Knopfler definitely decides to leave the stage (although he promised that he will not stop with composing and recording), this was one more than a worthy farewell to one of our guitar heroes. The two hours’ concert with seventeen themes forming a solid set, stimulating and far from easy nostalgia, and immaculate and crystalline sound, a play of the lights were effective mix of memories and sensations, and some naughty tears at certain times, only allow me to say one more thing: Thank you, Mark, for everything!

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