BIG NEWS: Mark Knopfler Will Return to The Studio for His Next Album

BIG NEWS: Mark Knopfler Will Return to The Studio for His Next Album

big-news-mark-knopfler-will-return-to-the-studio-for-his-next-album-dire-straits-blogMark Knopfler for the album 'Down the Road Wherever' (2018)

The big news is coming directly from the official website of Mark Knopfler. Recently on his official website was news that he’ll be back to his studio to record his next album. The news was compiled by Terry Kilburn.

In the official statement, the following was written:

“Mark will shortly return to the studio to continue recording for his next album. The usual musicians will be involved with the addition of Greg Leisz on pedal steel and other stringed instruments. No release date is available but it is likely to be towards the end of this year at the earliest.”

For now, this information is quite sufficient, as far as the audience is concerned. We are very satisfied and we’re very happy because this year will be extraordinary for us as fans.

Mark Knopfler returns to his studio and continues with his work to surprise all his fans in UK and all around the world.

Dire Straits Blog still remains obliged to inform you of all the news related to Mark Knopfler and all other members of the ex-band Dire Straits. Keep reading us, and thanks for all your support!


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