Jonathan Macfarlane: “Maybe One Day I’ll Do Dire Straits Cover”

Jonathan Macfarlane: “Maybe One Day I’ll Do Dire Straits Cover”

no-true-valour-dire-straits-blog-news-fans-club-fan-jonathan-macfarlane-maybe-one-day-ill-do-dire-straits-cover-ellaJonathan Macfarlane: “Maybe One Day I'll Do Dire Straits Cover”

The song ‘Ella’ is released in January 2022 by the band No True Valour. The first blog post on DSB about this band was shared back in April 2021. Back then, the frontman of this band – Jonathan Macfarlane, said that all of their songs were influenced by Mark Knopfler.

In the second blog post, we’ve been written about their song called ‘I Remember’ which was released at the end of 2021. These days Jonathan has sent us an e-mail where he shared some interesting information. Down below you can read what he said for Dire Straits Blog, and also you can listen to the song ‘Ella’.

“Thank you for sharing the song ‘I Remember’ I really appreciate that! I wrote a lot of these songs during the lockdown. ‘I Remember’ was really a song about going out for a drive in the car,” Jonathan has added.

“Yes, with these songs I don’t go out my way to sound like Mark Knopfler. But it’s just what happens when someone is an influence musically. And what I mean by sounding like Mark Knopfler…what 10%. I’ll never be as good as Mark Knopfler. Nowhere near it,” he said.

“I actually just released a track called ‘Ella,’ a bluesy type song with some instrumental tracks. Back to the ’90s has a Mark Knopfler thing to it as well, ha-ha its not intentional honestly. Let me know what you think.”

Jonathan also added the following: “Maybe one day I’ll actually do a Dire Straits cover. Let me work on that one!”

You can also click HERE to read more about No True Valour on Dire Straits Blog. Enjoy!

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