Brand New Music Video Cover of ‘Single Handed Sailor’ by David Claux

Brand New Music Video Cover of ‘Single Handed Sailor’ by David Claux

brand-new-music-video-cover-of-single-handed-sailor-by-david-claux-dire-straits-blog-news-fans-fan-clubBrand New Music Video Cover of ‘Single Handed Sailor’ by David Claux

A brand new music video cover of the song ‘Single Handed Sailor’ is out now by our loyal fan, friend, musician, and guitarist from France – David Claux.

This music video cover was published by David in November of 2021. Until now, the video had a lot of positive comments from the audience and also a good number of views on YouTube.

‘Single Handed Sailor’ as a song is very unique and specific, especially for the musicians and guitarists who perform it, and this refers to the style of the song itself.

Another interesting fact about this song and also this video cover by David is that he shared with us his story about his father as well as his memories from the past that today he experiences all of them once again by performing this song on his guitars.

From the video, you’ll see his guitar collection of his beautiful guitars (bass, acoustic, and electric) including one Pensa Suhr guitar.

Here is what David says about this video cover for our Dire Straits Blog and community.

“This song is a hard song to play for several reasons. The second “lead” guitar line is quite complex and seems to have been somewhat improvised by Mark Knopfler when recording the song, so finding a way to play it that somewhat sounds like the original is challenging.”

“But the main lead guitar is the real challenge, full of nuances and fine details, in part achieved via the volume pedal. Let’s also not forget about the bass line, the most complex of the ones I have covered so far. I hope you’ll like the end result, I put a lot of love into it.”

“’Single Handed Sailor’ is also a song that always makes me think about my father, who’s a sailor himself, and whose dream has always been to own a sailboat. It also reminds me of a trip to Saint-Malo in France, my home country, a very long time ago, when I stopped at the bar “Le Cutty Sark” to have a drink,” David has finished.

Down below is the full-video cover where you can watch and listen to David’s performance. Also, if you want you can click HERE – to watch more videos by David on our blog. Enjoy.

‘Single Handed Sailor’ by David Claux (2021)

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